Fee Structure

No Admission Fee


* No Admission Fee, No Re-Admission Fee, No Examination Fee. The transportation fee is extra *


The entire annual fee must be paid at the time of admission. Please get in touch with Mr. Amit Mishra at 620 558 1751 for transportation.  


Payment Code

Our fee structure is simple and transparent. 

Grade Annual Fee
Kindergarten Rs. 20,000.00
Grade I Rs. 24,000.00
Grade II Rs. 24,000.00
Grade III Rs. 26,000.00
Grade IV Rs. 26,000.00
Grade V Rs. 26,000.00
Grade VI Rs. 26,000.00
Grade VII Rs. 28,000.00
Grade VIII Rs. 28,000.00


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We look forward to interacting individually. Please provide your details below, and we will schedule a time to speak with you.