Founder's Message


Ravi Verma

​Command over English in speaking, reading, and writing is crucial to success in this global economy. Our goal for the children of Katihar is that they will speak, read, and write English any kind anywhere on earth.

Katihar, a small town in Bihar, is the place of my birth. I feel a deep connection to this place. My dream has been to bring world-class English medium education to Katihar with a strong emphasis on science. It has been very disappointing to watch the children of Katihar fall behind their counterparts in bigger cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Lack of spoken English skills correctly and lack of in-depth, easily comprehensible teaching of science has been an obstacle for these children.  My goal is to remove this obstacle.

I am an IIT Kanpur alumnus, working in the USA for the last 27 years. My wife, a Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi alumnus, is a successful physician in the US. We have raised three children here and witnessed the educational system's advantages firsthand. We want to replicate this in Katihar.


With the development of technology, this is now possible. Science Academy is the stepping stone for children to achieve a stellar education that will place children of Katihar on par with children in Delhi, London, and  New York.

By partnering with the Oxford Advantage Program for CBSE, we can finally fulfill that goal of world-class education in Katihar.

All children are very intelligent, but some do not do well because they cannot focus on their studies. At our school, we will also be teaching techniques for improving attention from Kindergarten onwards, which will ensure success in academics later.  

We are starting from Kindergarten to Grade V in the first year. Each year, we will add a grade. In 2024, our school will have classes from kindergarten to Grade VI.